Embla N7000

Embla N7000

Embla Recording Systems integrate advanced digital technology and precision engineering into ergonomic PSG and EEG systems. Designed for the high-performance sleep center, the Embla N7000 is a Polysomnography system with extended EEG capabilities that records up to 60 channels using a modular combination of patient, bedside and communication units. This system is suitable for routine and extended sleep protocols, as well as full 32 channel EEG.

The N7000 allows the Patient Unit to be disconnected from the Bedside Unit and not used for routine EEG applications. A mobile stand and wireless network configurations provide mobility and optimize facility operations by moving within the network environment with ease.

The Bedside Unit offers 32 referential channels (EEG, EOG,…), 8 bipolar channels (EKG, EMG, Legs,…), Amplifier re-referencing during acquisition, Integrated impedance test, Accessible event button, Integrated ambient light detector, and a wide range of selectable sampling rates and Interface for electro-cap.

The Patient Unit features 9 respiratory channels that include precise, 3-dimensional analysis of body position and movement, integrated oximetry with SaO2, beat-to-beat, Pulse, Plethysmograph, integrated pressure sensor, Respiratory Inductive Plethysmography (RIP), snoring, patient event marker and more.

The Communication Unit supplies 8 auxiliary DC channels for interfacing other critical signals and serial connectivity for devices with digital outputs, such as CPAP or ETCO2 devices

The system supports the XactTrace Respiratory Inductive Plethysmograph (RIP) respiratory effort belts from Embla Sensors.

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