Stellar 100

Stellar 100

Intelligent ventilation optimised for you

The Stellar 100 ventilator is equipped to help with your respiratory condition and keep your carbon dioxide levels steady both during your hospital stay and when you come home.

Stellar 100 is suitable for both adults and children (weighing down to as little as 13 kg) and can be fine-tuned by the clinician to suit your needs.

Other features

Efficacy and comfort features can be fine-tuned to assist with mask leak and help Stellar 100 to stay in sync with your breathing.

Ramp and Ramp Down. To help ease you into a therapy session, the Ramp feature gradually and comfortably ramps the pressure up to your prescribed level

To keep you on the go, an internal battery provides two hours of continuous power.

Other mobility options include external batteries, a DC-DC converter and a custom-built mobility bag.

Intelligent ventilation is optimised through dual programs for day/night ventilation or rest/active periods.

Optional oxygen integration up to 30 L/minute and extensive alarms to provide added assurance for your safety and care.

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